DONGHAI, recognized by the world
  • Possible for hole perforation with diverse sizes within the range marked below
  • Excellent in machinability and durability owing to the sharp blade tip because it is composed of a carbide blade
  • Chuck size : 10㎜ (3/8) and more
  • Because CIR-3 has a safe cover, the workability is easy. Also, it is possible to perforate safely because there is no left-to-right bias. (ceiling, wall surface, floor, etc.)
  • Before work, it should be used after fixing a workpiece not to move. Then, safety and work efficiency can be heightened.
  • All fixed parts should be tightened with a L wrench and then used.
  • There is a possibility of errors on the gradations of a cross beam.
  • If precise processing is wanted, the size should be checked one more time such as check of distance with a tapeline after the work of one hole.
  • CIR-130㎜ ~ 120㎜ (blade:TCT)

  • CIR-230㎜ ~ 180㎜ (blade:TCT)

  • CIR-340㎜ ~ 220㎜ (blade:TCT)