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Donghai Hole Saw Co. Ltd. is a tool manufacturer which has produced hole saws (hole cutters) professionally since 1985.

As a result of concentrating on quality improvement like introducing manless automatic machines from Japan, the market share is the highest in Korea. And, prominent goods compared with other advanced products are being produced.

HSS hole saws are products which got a patent in Sep. 2006 by developing cutting blades. They have excellent cutting effect compared with existing products. (Patent No. 10-0625218) Carbide hole saws started to be produced first in Korea and supplied to various places. Based on longtime know-hows, the demand is increasing continually overseas (Japan, Europe, etc.) as well as Korea.

Starting from the export to Japan in 2001, because bi-metal hole saws which were produced first in Korea are manufactured for metals different from products of other companies, they represents outstanding effect in work of metal goods besides wood and nonferrous metals.

Donghai Hole Saw is exporting goods to Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc.) including Europe, Australia and Japan. In Oct. 2010, from receiving the right of an “approved exporter of the authentication of the original place of the Korea-EU FTA” from Incheon Customs, through the Korea-EU FTA which came into effect from July 2011, the company is expanding the export to Europe with more competitiveness.

Our Donghai Hole Saw makes effort to introduce the excellence of the national brand of Korea and Korean goods to the world tool market with consecutive product development and PR activities, simultaneously, to imprint good images of Donghai products.

Thank you for all of your support until now. In the future, we promise to return your favor with ceaseless research and effort.